Face lift surgery in Delhi

Face lift surgery in Delhi

There is no permanent solution for a stoppage to skin ageing, but getting a facelift surgery and following a proper skin routine can help reverse and slow down the process. Facelift surgery, a cosmetic procedure known as Rhytidectomy, removes visible ageing signs like creases, saggy deposits, loose skin, etc. It is considered one of the efficient methods to get a younger-looking face as it corrects all the skin issues in the middle of the face, under the eye, jawline and chin. To achieve the best results, booking an appointment with the skin specialist is better. Book your appointment with Dr Syed for face lift surgery in Delhi. He is a trusted Dermatologist and Aesthetic surgeon in south Delhi and has extensive background working in some most reputed hospitals in India.

Facelift surgery to create a younger look - A procedure 

Face lift surgery procedures help to create a younger look in the face, and a person can reduce sagging skin; it is a process that helps smooth folds of skin in the jawline and cheeks. During the face lift Surgery in Delhi, the dermatologist will pull back a layer of skin on each side of the face, then make changes in the tissues below the skin and then remove excess skin. As a result, a person will get a face with a more youthful shape, and also a neckline is often done as part of the face to reduce fat and sagging skin. Please keep in mind that facelifts do not correct damage from sun exposure, including fine lines and wrinkles, and there is a need for other cosmetic procedures to address these issues. 

Thread lift vs facelift - The difference 

If you are seeking the less invasive face-lifting procedure, then you can also go for thread lift treatment in delhi. It is a facelift procedure done by an expert dermatologist, less invasive than a facelift. The process uses medical-grade lines inserted across the cheek, neck and other areas for lifting. Once inserted, they are gently pulled up, which gives a smoother and firmer appearance. These treads are made of absorbable materials to ensure that they are safe.

Though both treatments have great results, results will vary depending on person to person. 

  • However, facelift offers long-lasting results of all solutions to facial ageing and provides many benefits that can be enjoyed for more than ten years; on the contrary, thread lift depends upon many factors like the type of thread used and amount of ageing etc. 
  • Facelift is very effective for people with prominent age signs and aged 35 to 65. Thread lift is for moderate ageing symptoms and is for those in the age group of 35 to 50. 

Is the facelift procedure worth it? 

Facelift lift surgery in Delhi, when conducted by the best dermatologist, creates a smoother, more youthful appearance and has long-lasting effects. The person who has undergone this cosmetic procedure will experience:

  • Removal and Tightness in sagging skin 
  • Reduction in the drooping of the cheeks around the jawline. 
  • Lifting the corners of the mouth 
  • Reduction in the creases between the cheeks and lips. 

Choosing the best dermatologist for face lift surgery in Delhi requires careful research and consideration. Choose the surgeon with the relevant skills, experience, and good training to perform the procedure. Consider the surgeon's reputation and choose who makes you feel comfortable and provides the necessary support throughout the process. Dr Syed is among the best dermatologist and Aesthetic surgeons in Delhi, offering a wide range of cosmetic services. He has many years of experience in cosmetic surgery and works with an expert team of skilled dermatologist in Delhi and thus is the go-to destination for cosmetic surgery and dermatology services for the best results. 

Disclaimer: Result may vary from case to case. Terms and Conditions* Apply

Dr. syed's Dermatrico ClinicSkin Specialist (Dermatologist) in Delhi

With experience of more than 12 years in various skin treatments, Dr. Syed is a renowned and trusted name in the dermatology sector. Known to use robust technologies while dealing with hair, skin, and laser problems, the entire team at Dermatrico under the supervision of Dr. Syed understands the essence and uniqueness of your skin and hair

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  • The doctor tops the list of best dermatologists in Delhi & Gurugram.
  • Consults and treats his patients with the highest ethical standards and practice.
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  • Trained in several sectors like Anti-wrinkle injections, Dermal Injections, Derma Roller, Thread lift, and Hair transplant.
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