Ear Lobe Repair In Delhi

The earlobe is that part of the body that is taken for granted unless they start to bother a person. Earlobe repair in Delhi is straightforward and the most requested procedure. It is a simple, safe, and minimally invasive surgical procedure done by an expert dermatologist to restore the appearance that has been torn or elongated because of any trauma or piercing or pull by heavy earrings.

Ear lobe repair or surgery is a type of cosmetic surgery that is carried out to eliminate deformities in the ear lobes of a person. This reconstructive plastic surgery is particularly useful in treating patients who have suffered damage to their ear lobes due to an accident or those who have stretched out, torn or split ear lobes. This surgery is quick and effective and is of two types- flesh tunnel repair surgery and split earlobe repair surgery. These surgeries are generally carried out as corrective measures for ear piercings gone wrong as well as other body art types that adversely affect the earlobes of a person. Heavy earrings can also stretch out the ear lobes and cause them to elongate. However, ear lobe repair can fix all of the aesthetic issues one faces with the appearance of their ear lobes.

Benefits of earlobe repair

  • Enlarged earlobe repairs don't look aesthetically pleasing, as ears are a vital part of the face. 
  • It is a daycare procedure, and you don't have to stay back. The whole procedure will end after an hour. 
  • Earlobe repair is quick, easy, and painless to restore the earlobe permanently.
  • After the earlobe repair, you can again have an ear piercing. 

When is Earlobe Repair Needed? 

Earlobes have particular importance among facial structures and are vital for piercings and wearing earrings. It consists of skin and fat and does not have thick cartilage; thus, it is easy to perforate an ear lobe. However, these can be treated at home, while others require medical attention from an expert dermatologist.

Causes of earlobe:

  • Many things can cause elongated earlobe holes.
  • Wearing heavy earrings for a long time.
  • Gauges placed in the earlobe.
  • Children are pulling earlobes. 
  • Multiple piercings are too close together or too close to the bottom of the lobe.
  • Sudden trauma 
  • Aging can cause loss of collagen.
  • Shape and position if multiple parts of the face are connected to the genetic traits.
  • Smoking accelerates the natural aging process and restricts blood flow to the skin.

Treatment For Ear Lobe

Earlobe treatment by the dermatologist is a type of cosmetic surgery done to eliminate deformities. It is a reconstructive surgery specifically helpful in treating patients who have suffered damage to their ear lobes for many reasons. It is a quick surgery that is very effective and is generally carried out as corrective measures for ear piercings gone wrong and the body art toes that adversely affect a person's earlobes. Ear lobe treatment in Delhi can fix all the aesthetic issues one faces with appearance. 

Earlobe Surgery Repair Process

During the surgery, the patient is given local anesthesia to numb the site of the operation. After that, flesh tunnel repair surgery is done by the expert surgeon, who will make an incision in the ear lobe and will set out the affected area. After that, the remaining part of the ear lobe will be sutured together to eliminate the damage to the ear lobe. Patients who have wide ear holes are eligible for the surgery, or those who have stretched ear lobes because of wearing heavy earrings are also eligible. 

Why Choose Dr. Syed for Ear Lobe Treatment?

Whether it's funnel repair surgery or a split earlobe surgery, the procedure is simple and the same. The only difference is that spilled ear lobe surgery takes longer than flesh tunnel repair surgery. Both are relatively quicker and much more straightforward and are done by Dr. Syed, one of the best dermatologist in Delhi. He is one of the best surgeons in Delhi NCR who treats his patients with the highest ethical standards and practice. He is among the top doctors in Delhi, trained in many other sectors, like anti-wrinkle injections, dermal injections, derma roller, thread lift, and hair transplants. The earlobe surgery was done at Royal Lush with minimal side effects making it a safe procedure.

Ear lobe repair treatment done by Dr Syed

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