Face Slimming Treatment

Do you want a slimmer-looking, more oval shape to your face instead of an angular-looking jawline? Well, losing weight can be a challenge on its own, not just with the physical appearance but also when it comes to removing fat from your face. More so, extra fat in the face can be a frustrating issue to solve if it bothers you. To let things sort, you must go for the best cosmetic treatment in Delhi that offers you the most advanced technologies for your concern. Inspired by the new world's focus on image and attractiveness, people are striving to achieve the perceived perfect face shape. In many cultures, a feminine, oval, or heart-shaped face for a female is more preferred, while the basic idea for a man’s face is a classical strong angular, square jawline.

There are many treatments available to achieve a slimmer, more oval look which will also ensure face slimming, along with additional treatments like surgical options namely V-line maxillofacial surgery. This procedure is self-explanatory, it reshapes the face from a U-shape to a V-shape using surgical methods. The procedure done at Royal Lush Skin Clinic, Delhi is extremely safe and done by our expert cosmetologist Dr. Syed Nazim.

What is face slimming?

Face slimming is an aesthetic treatment in which BOTOX is injected into the sides of the jaw which causes enlarged muscles (technically referred to as masseter muscles) to relax and slim. You appear more elegant and feminine when the muscles are relaxed because they contract to a much smaller, more feminine size and shape.

Thanks to face slimming treatment, patients can achieve a more slender, oval or v-shaped profile thanks to face slimming treatment. It's perfect for people who want to reshape and slim down their faces to give them a smoother, firmer appearance. Results can last for months, and the procedure is quick.

What is non-surgical face slimming?

To debulk and contour particular facial regions for a more v-shaped or oval profile, non-surgical facial slimming is used. These procedures should be considered by both sexes, who want balanced lower facial features, prominent cheekbones, and a younger, more chiseled appearance.

For some people, this entails giving the chin more projection by removing submental fat or drooping jowls. Others use it to relax the muscles used for chewing that form due to their jaw clenching and teeth grinding. Depending on the patient's needs and objectives, face slimming may even be achieved with specialized dermal filler injections.

Who needs face slimming treatment?

This procedure is best suited for those who have:

  • a square jawline
  • an overly masculine jaw structure
  • chubby or bloated cheeks
  • a double chin

Benefits Of Face Slimming treatment

Face slimming treatment offers the following benefits:

  1. It makes you appear younger.
  2. Improves the skin's tone.
  3. Removes sagging skin and double chins.
  4. It enhances the appearance of your face.
  5. It defines your jawline and contours your cheeks.
  6. Makes the cheekbones and chin more prominent.
  7. Makes the skin smoother and more revitalized.

Why Dr. Syed for face slimming treatment?

We understand that deciding to pursue aesthetic treatments can be difficult. We are specialized and uniquely equipped to provide the highest level of care to our patients. Dr. Syed strives to give his patients long-lasting, natural-looking results. He is a renowned dermatologist in delhi We prioritize meeting your needs before, during, and after the procedure. We hope to collaborate with you to achieve a look that boosts your self-esteem and confidence.

Face Sliming done By Dr. Syed in the clinic

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