Carbon Peel

Laser carbon peel - the painless procedure to improve the appearance

Carbon peel facial is the best procedure to get an even skin glow as it offers many benefits by reducing age spots, skin tightening, and much more. Carbon laser facial is an advanced laser resurfacing treatment that uses light beams to treat skin imperfections. The treatment gives back the appropriate skin balance, leading to an even skin glow with perfect texture and complexion. The best part of this laser process is that as the treated skin generates, the appearance of uneven skin, pigment, and age spots are visibly reduced and more uniform and even in texture. Carbon laser peel cost in India varies and depends upon many factorsThe carbon facial cost can be between Rs. 3,000 and Rs. 6,000 per session. Book your appointment at Royal Lush Clinic to get a great appearance. Here you will get treated by the best dermatologist in India, Dr. Syed and the procedure involves no pricking, pinching, or other invasive techniques. 

Who needs carbon laser peel?

Carbon peel facial is done using a laser and is entirely painless and is also known as Miami peel, which focuses on using carbon to extract contaminants and oil from deep within the skin's pores. The treatment is recommended for 

  • People having dull and uneven skin tone
  • People who struggle with oily skin, specifically acne
  • Those who have open and enlarged pores
  • Those who have uneven or rough skin texture

What benefits of carbon laser peel?

The carbon peel treatment procedure breaks down excessive melanin production, which is the leading cause of the skin's uneven appearance. This carbon laser peel treatment in Delhi causes collagen stimulation in the dermis layer, improving skin laxity and tightening pores. It is the fastest and most comfortable way to refresh with no downtime, and the best part is that it is suitable for most skin types. The carbon laser facial has several benefits; some are listed below: 

  • It is a painless treatment.
  • No downtime is required.
  • The process takes about 15-20 minutes.
  • The procedure removes dirt and oil from clogged pores.
  • Carbon peel reduces hyperpigmentation
  • The procedure even out the skin tone.
  • It helps to exfoliate dead skin cells.
  • The laser facial treatment lightens dark spots and age spots.
  • It helps to fade acne scars and adds an instant glow.

Carbon laser peel cost in India

Carbon peel is a painless procedure for people with large pores, oily skin, acne, and blackheads. If you wish to have smooth and wrinkle-free skin with carbon peeling at low laser skin resurfacing cost in India, then book your appointment with Royal Lush Clinic to get it done. However, the carbon laser peel cost in India can be anywhere between Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 6,000 per session. The cost varies and depends upon many factors. The carbon facial cost in India varies, and the cost depends on various factors, like

  • The skin type,
  • Laser used,
  • The clinic's facilities, 
  • Time taken to perform a session,
  • The doctor's expertise as well as experience.

Why Dr. Syed?

If you wish to have an instant glow and refreshed skin appearance and fix some blemishes on your face quickly, book your appointment at Royal Lush Skin and Laser Clinic in Delhi for a carbon laser facial. It is the safest and most effective treatment for rejuvenating the skin with no complications or side effects. Dr. Syed is among the top dermatologists in India and the best Aesthetic surgeon in South Delhi and Gurgaon, with sound experience in facial aesthetics, clinical dermatology, and hair transplant. 

FAQs related to Cheek contouring

There is no pain with carbon peel. During the procedure, you may experience slight tingling and warmth on the skin.

You will experience instant brightening of your skin immediately after your first treatment. The progress will continue throughout your following treatments.

Disclaimer: Result may vary from case to case. Terms and Conditions* Apply

Dr. syed's Dermatrico ClinicSkin Specialist (Dermatologist) in Delhi

With experience of more than 12 years in various skin treatments, Dr. Syed is a renowned and trusted name in the dermatology sector. Known to use robust technologies while dealing with hair, skin, and laser problems, the entire team at Dermatrico under the supervision of Dr. Syed understands the essence and uniqueness of your skin and hair

Other reasons to consult Dr. Syed includes:
  • The doctor tops the list of best dermatologists in Delhi & Gurugram.
  • Consults and treats his patients with the highest ethical standards and practice.
  • 1st certified doctor to practice Aptos Thread Lift in India.
  • Trained in several sectors like Anti-wrinkle injections, Dermal Injections, Derma Roller, Thread lift, and Hair transplant.
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